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Seaway Outfitters is a premier guided kayak and boat rental service based out of Ft. Myers, Florida. The company was formed in 2010 by Florida Master Naturalist, Tim Martell.

Tim has spent his entire life on the water. In 2010, he decided the time and location was just right to follow his passion and is still following his dream as a naturalist to this day. Seaway Outfitters offers unique services and a level of expertise and experience that is unmatched. Tim is a Manatee expert, and is widely known in conservation circles and the media as “The Manatee Whisperer”. 

Tim is joined by his longtime associate and Navy Veteran, Erik Brush. Erik has been a part of the team for a decade and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. Erik is extremely knowledgeable about marine biology and has played an important role in many conservation initiatives. In particular, he is especially well known for his extensive work in shark conservation and rallying support for a number of conservation legislation packages.

Seaway Outfitters offers services to the public, but the operation is also used extensively as a conduit to rescue animals in distress. No matter how big or small, we will rescue them all. We work with organizations throughout the state to rescue and rehabilitate animals we find in distress out in the field. Our rescues include Manatees, Sea Turtles, scores of birds and many other small animals. In 2013, owner Tim Martell was awarded the “Manatee Hero” award following a number of Manatee rescues. Our message is one of conservation and education wrapped in a fun kayak tour, in a beautiful location.

Seaway Outfitters is routinely featured in news stories, articles, blogs, radio segments and documentaries. 

Our goal is to connect others to nature – to instill in them a desire to conserve and protect what we love and inspire them to actively initiate and participate in conservation initiatives.

Offering Memorable Kayaking Tours by Certified Guides.


Florida Master Naturalist


Certified Estero Bay Guide


Certified Guardian Guide


2013 Manatee Hero Award


40+ Years Experience

Meet our Guides

About Tim Martell

Tim Martell was born in the rural Ottawa region of Ontario, Canada in 1970. His closest neighbor was over a mile away. Tim spent most of his youth exploring the fields and forests surrounding his home. His earliest memories are of his interactions with wildlife. By the age of 5 years, Tim’s parents could clearly see his avid interest in nature and wildlife. They supported his interest and subscribed him to National Geographic magazine, allowed him to indulge in nature documentaries and generally nurtured his interest in nature and supported it in many ways.

Tim finished High School and completed a couple of College courses before moving into a career in television. For 7 years, Tim worked as a senior field producer, making weekly television shows in business, real estate, music, sports, news, and much more. Tim has been featured in hundreds of television segments, commercials, and videos. From 1996 to 2003 Tim was very familiar to Canadians across the country as he appeared on their televisions every Sunday morning.

Tim also made a name for himself as a professional photographer during his time as a television producer. Tim was eventually laid off from his television show after 7 years and saw it as an opportunity to make some changes. Tim moved to Florida and his life changed in ways he never would have expected.

When Tim began exploring his new home in Florida, he quickly found himself returning to his roots and the unique wildlife in the state piqued his interest. Tim became a certified Florida Master Naturalist. He found himself particularly interested in Manatee and began interacting with them regularly. Shortly afterward, Tim opened the legendary “Manatee Guides” and for well over a decade he operated the business and made big wins for nature. Tim used his business as a conduit to rescue animals and to date has been credited with dozens of rescues including numerous Manatee, Turtles, scores of birds, and much more. In 2013, Tim rescued 5 Manatee between January and June. This earned him the coveted “Manatee Hero Award” from the Save the Manatee Club. Tim routinely appears on local news, in documentaries, and in radio interviews. Tim is an expert in Manatee behavior and his unique relationship with Manatees has earned him the name “The Manatee Whisperer” in the media. Tim is a natural talent that can’t be replicated. His unique skills are special to him only and his accomplishments in the nature business are noteworthy to say the least. Tim has personally led more than 35,000 on his guided nature excursions and cataloged over a million photographs in his professional career.

In 2019, Tim changed his business name to “Seaway Outfitters” as he wanted to diversify his excursions and services. The change has been very successful and his business now offers even more options and fun for residents and visitors to SW Florida. Tim looks forward to meeting you and exploring all that SW Florida has to offer.

About Erik Brush

Erik Brush is a marine biologist, ocean conservationist, and shark advocate with an extensive history in herpetology. A published author, he has written several books including both fiction and non-fiction. His non-fiction titles focus on shark conservation and their importance to the health of our oceans and waterways. 

While born in Manchester, New Hampshire, Erik grew up in Europe (primarily Germany & Denmark) graduating from high school in Berlin Germany in 1983. He speaks 5 languages and is learning a 6th. Erik is a proud US military veteran who served in the submarine service of the US Navy through the 1980s.

Additionally, Erik is a talented and accomplished artist. His primary art mediums are pyrography, color pencil, airbrush, painting, and jewelry making. 

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