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My name is Tim Martell. I was born and raised in the St. Lawrence Seaway
region. For the past 15 years, I have been living in Ft. Myers, Florida where I
have owned and operated one of the most popular tour companies in the
state .... Manatee Guides. Outdoor recreation and wildlife is my passion. I
am also a wildlife rescue expert and have been credited with rescuing 10
Manatee, 2 Sea Turtles, 12 Pelicans and dozens of other animals. I have
had a very interesting time in Florida, but I am ready to come home and be
close to my family again. My mother, daughter and grandkids live in the area
and I am excited to be near them again. I am also very excited to bring you
my latest business venture .... Seaway Outfitters. Get out there and enjoy!
This is one of the many Manatee rescues we have
done in Florida. This Manatee was rescued on
January 21st, 2013 by Tim Martell who found it in
distress in the mangroves. This Manatee was
named Three-Pio by the Lowrey Park Zoo in
Tampa where he was rehabilitated. Three-Pio was
suffering from Brevetoxin exposure from a major
red tide algae bloom in the state. Three-Pio was
successfully rehabilitated and released back to the
wild on July 7th, 2013. Three-Pio at the time
weighed in at 1,043 pounds and as far as we
know, is still alive to this very day!
This is one of two Sea Turtle rescues we have done in Florida. This
Green sea turtle was suffering from fibropapillomas tumors.

Green sea turtles develop fibropapillomas that appear as lobe-shaped
tumors. These tumors can infect all soft portions of a turtle's body.
Tumors grow primarily on the skin, but they can also appear between
scales and scutes, in the mouth, on the eyes, and on internal organs.

This beautiful Green turtle was rescued in a back bay of the Gulf of
Mexico on March 17th, 2018 which just happens to be St. Patricks's day!
We rescued a Green sea turtle on St. Patricks day! What a coincidence!  
It was transported to Clearwater, Florida where it underwent surgery to
remove the tumors and was rehabilitated. We do not know when this turtle
was released, but we did receive word that it's chances of survival were
very good since the tumors were in the early stages of development and
was not particularly widespread. We named this turtle "Ponce" after the
famous Spanish explorer "Ponce De Leon".
We have also had the opportunity to meet many different interesting
people! Here is a photo of Tim Martell hanging out with clean water activist
Erin Brockovich. Erin and Tim talked about water issues in Florida and the
impacts it was having on tourism and wildlife. We discussed possible
solutions and actions that need to be taken. Since her visit, the governor
of Florida has announced bold new strategies to prevent the proliferation
of algae blooms. Although the state of Florida has a long way to go in
terms of reducing nutrient pollution, Erin played a key role in getting the
ball rolling. It was a pleasure to meet her!